Life | An Old Sweater & A Blog Break

This sweater is very old, but it’s turning into a bit of an heirloom. My mother knitted it when she was a teenager, and I’ve grown up looking at it, trying it on, wearing it to elementary school and then high school, and I continue to wear it now. Lately, however, the cat seems to have taken to pouncing on me like a woman who has just been reunited with her long lost love, so I have to be careful with it.

Many a sweater have been lost at the hands paws of a cat.

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Food | Guests or No Guests

I’m a firm believer that you don’t have to have guests over to get out your best china. And you don’t have to be catering to a crowd to bring out the serving dishes. Any meal can be made more special when you serve it on your favourite platter, that never sees the light of day. So what if it takes a few more minutes to clean up afterwards?

I like the idea of preparing a meal “family style”, where all of the food is on the table. If you have room, everyone can serve themselves, and dig back in when they are finished. This morning we we took the luxurious route, and plated up our oatmeal toppings (dark chocolate included), and it felt like room service. I highly recommended it.

Bucket List| November 2014

As I look back on pictures from the last month, it is clear to me that October was an especially full month. It feels like ages ago that I kicked-off October in the local apple orchard with my sister, and friend, Sam. We collected 20 Lbs. of Macintosh apples, which I promptly turned into apple sauce and cider. As the month continued, so many exciting/new/challenging/fun things happened, and my bucket list was almost completed.

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