Food | Homemade Ranch Dressing (Feat. Wake Robin Farm)

Last week I shared my interview with Wake Robin Farm – a small farm that curates the CSA bag which I receive on a bi-weekly basis. I love receiving a portion of their seasonal bounty – it always inspires me to get cooking. Not too long ago I received some beautiful dill in my bag. I knew immediately that it was ranch makin’ time!

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Canadian | Local CSA Wake Robin Farm & Young People In Agriculture

When it comes to growing and buying fruits and vegetables, we all know that there many ways to go about it. This summer I discovered a new (to me) way of gathering delicious fruits, vegetables, and honey that fits me and my lifestyle perfectly –  buying directly from local farms with a community supported agriculture (CSA) program. They are gaining serious local popularity! I chose Wake Robin Farm’s CSA.

I’d like to thank Ryan, Adam, and Amanda of Wake Robin Farm for allowing me to pick their brain on things farming and food related – namely, to understand how a CSA works, why buying local matters, to learn what goes on behind the scenes and to meet the hearts behind the food.

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Food | Locally Sourced Homemade Granola

Until the last year or so, I wouldn’t have had a second thought as to where I would buy my food, and where it came from before that. (The grocery store, and probably somewhere warm?). I’ve been feeling convicted of that lately, but not in a depressing way. Thanks to a few different podcasts, websites, and friends, I have felt more inspired than I have in a long time. Mostly I have felt a shift in my thinking, a patience to learn before consuming that wasn’t there before.

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Food | Raw Oat Porridge

Breakfast and I don’t really get along. Don’t get me wrong, I adore breakfast food, but I don’t like eating early in the morning. Most mornings I’d take a fresh juice over eggs and toast. Once 10 AM rolls around, however, totally different story.

But my aversion to eating early in the morning can’t stop me from doing it, because 9 times out of 10 I need to be at work by 8:30 AM. Enter one of my newest early morning breakfast companions, raw oat porridge. I got the idea from these lovely, inspiring, green kitchen folk.

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Food | Guests or No Guests

I’m a firm believer that you don’t have to have guests over to get out your best china. And you don’t have to be catering to a crowd to bring out the serving dishes. Any meal can be made more special when you serve it on your favourite platter, that never sees the light of day. So what if it takes a few more minutes to clean up afterwards?

I like the idea of preparing a meal “family style”, where all of the food is on the table. If you have room, everyone can serve themselves, and dig back in when they are finished. This morning we we took the luxurious route, and plated up our oatmeal toppings (dark chocolate included), and it felt like room service. I highly recommended it.