Update | A Blog Face Lift & Conscious Living

Once in a while it becomes absolutely necessary to go shopping for a new shirt. Or a pair of pants. Or a purse. Because when you do, getting ready in the morning is that much more fun. Metaphorically, I’ve been feeling like this space needed a new purse, or some sprucing up, so that when I “got ready in the morning,” I was even more excited to…errr, blog.

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Life | An Old Sweater & A Blog Break

This sweater is very old, but it’s turning into a bit of an heirloom. My mother knitted it when she was a teenager, and I’ve grown up looking at it, trying it on, wearing it to elementary school and then high school, and I continue to wear it now. Lately, however, the cat seems to have taken to pouncing on me like a woman who has just been reunited with her long lost love, so I have to be careful with it.

Many a sweater have been lost at the hands paws of a cat.

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Canadian Julia

Alternately titled: [Another] New Blog.

Procrastination is my best friend when it comes to blogging, because I write the most when I’m supposed to be doing other things. Like right now I could be doing the dishes, grocery shopping, or organising our new apartment. But I’ve been itching to start writing, creating, and of course, blogging, again.

I read and read and read…and read, other blogs. And I watch YouTube videos like it’s my cable TV. But until right now I haven’t been contributing. Does anyone else feel the urge to go beyond watching and commenting?

Note, that this has only been true as of late. I had two (almost three) blogs that I kept up in university. One was actually doing really well, but I’ve grown up a bit, and they are no longer “me”. Plus, who doesn’t love a fresh start?

Let me introduce you to this blog. It’s called, Canadian Julia.

This blog will include my creative expression, ideas, favourite products (to make your life easier), and a documentary of life (as a wife, sister, and friend) as it happens here in Canada. I will focus on what is important to me – whole living, women’s health, family, faith, and simplicity, to start. My goal is that through writing and focusing on these things, I will learn to become more and more like the person I want to be, while also celebrating the now.

If you’re like me and you luuurve YouTube, a channel is coming soon! I just need a good hair day so I can film my first video.

Finally, a bit about me. I’m Julia, the writer and cultivator of said blog. I’m 24 25, newly married, and living in Ontario, Canada. Thank you so much for being here and subscribing if you would like to keep up to date on Canadian Julia.