Friday Favourites

Each Friday I share a handful of things that made my week a little extra special.

1. This view


{because, somehow, snow is be even more beautiful than I remember}

2. Gilmore Girls


{because having it on in the background makes doing my chores a little more enjoyable}

3. This candle


{because it smells like a Christmas tree, which makes my tree-less apartment seem less so}

4. A Lush bath bomb


{because I’ve never splurged on one before, and I figured it was time for some pink bath water}

5. Breaking out the Scentsy warmer


{because the smell reminds me of our home after we were just married}

Other things:

Preach, teach!

Fewer gifts, more thought.

Spicy soup.

Lunches lately.

Helpful when the answer is always, “Tylenol?”.


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