Life | A Snow Day & A Happy New Year

Oh, hello again!

Did you wonder if you would see me again, friends? I had, perhaps, a longer break than anticipated, but time to sift through life and work and thoughts and more thoughts was much needed. And appreciated.

Thank you for coming back to hear from me, once again.

This new year has gotten off to a great, albeit jolty, start. It’s only January 7th and I’m on my second snow day. You don’t see me complain’. This afternoon I am venturing out into the snow in search of hot, overpriced coffee, just for the adventure. Unpredictable snow days won’t ever loose their magic on me. Everything I do feels like a gift with purchase, holiday bonus, last item on the 50% ┬árack that fits perfectly, secret stash of chocolate.

There is nothing getting between me and my snow day. No sir.

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Life | Waiting for Birthdays

As my birthday comes around each year, I anxiously await all of the fun to be had. I might even count down the days, if I’m feeling especially excited. But it’s only when you’re sitting in a waiting room, knitting in hand (of course), excitedly awaiting the birth of a best friend’s little one, that you realise the significance of new life, and legit birthdays. A birthday is no small deal.

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