Review | MacAusland’s Woolen Mills

I’ve decided: Canadian goods are awesome, and they’re worth hunting for. Case and point: MacAusland’s Woolen Mills, of Prince Edward Island. They make beautiful, soft, affordable wool blankets and yarn the old fashioned way, and they make you wonder why you ever forked out $50+ for a subpar blanket, when you could have been filling your home/cottage/car with these beauties.

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Health | Dabbling in Essential Oils

I have a new hobby, and by extension, a tag line of sorts. It’s, “I’ve got an oil for that!”.

Sun burn? Lavender. Under the weather? On Guard. Sticky mess? Lemon. Headache? Peppermint. Cramps? Clary Calm. Scar? Frankincense. The list goes on! I am so thankful that my closest friends are jumping on the same bandwagon. We all have a strong desire to consume fewer chemicals, to simplify our lives, and to make our homes safe for each other and future generations.

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Haul | MUJI Canada

Did you know that MUJI has arrived in Canada? Here it is.

If you haven’t heard of MUJI before, I’m almost not surprised. But a little bit of me is thinking, where have you been!? I first heard about MUJI on Youtube, when there was an influx in “How I Organise my Makeup Collection” videos. Say, this one.

I’ve been an admirer of their simplistic design for quite some time, but the $20 shipping cost didn’t thrill me. So of course when I had the chance to visit Toronto recently for a friend’s wedding shower, I walked ran (like I had a secret) to the store.

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Food | Guests or No Guests

I’m a firm believer that you don’t have to have guests over to get out your best china. And you don’t have to be catering to a crowd to bring out the serving dishes. Any meal can be made more special when you serve it on your favourite platter, that never sees the light of day. So what if it takes a few more minutes to clean up afterwards?

I like the idea of preparing a meal “family style”, where all of the food is on the table. If you have room, everyone can serve themselves, and dig back in when they are finished. This morning we we took the luxurious route, and plated up our oatmeal toppings (dark chocolate included), and it felt like room service. I highly recommended it.

Food | How I Clean Fruit & Veggies

I just returned home from the grocery store, aka the place where I can buy lots and lots of fun things, and not feel bad about it. Food is necessary for survival, don’t cha know. Sometimes I spot a really good deal which makes it even more fun. Like today I found organic naval oranges for .50 cents per pound. A savings of $2.00 per pound! Safe to say I bought a lot of oranges.

Once home, I practice my new ritual – cleaning the fruit that will go into the fruit bowl. I could clean all of my fruit and veggies, and sometimes I do, but today the oranges made this task enough of a pain in the butt chore.

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