Bucket List | November 2015

One of my favourite things to do each month, or anytime for that matter, is to check off lists after things are completed. It gives me a great sense of accomplishment and joy, reflecting on the past month. But because I skipped October’s Bucket List (oops), and I’m a bit late to the game in November (double oops – I blame this wonderful news for both!!), I want to bring it back to September for just a moment. Some of the things I didn’t finish, could be relevant this month!

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Projects | Homemade Mouthwash

This past weekend I shared tea and goodies with some wonderful women, and bonus, there were essential oils abounding. In diffusers, in hands, in laundry soap, (oh my!). We are discovering that low and behold, these wee essential oils may be one of the keys to a happy and healthy home. Sharing the possibilities here seemed the right thing to do. Starting with, mouthwash, no matter how random it may seem be. It’s seriously minty fresh.

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Bucket List| November 2014

As I look back on pictures from the last month, it is clear to me that October was an especially full month. It feels like ages ago that I kicked-off October in the local apple orchard with my sister, and friend, Sam. We collected 20 Lbs. of Macintosh apples, which I promptly turned into apple sauce and cider. As the month continued, so many exciting/new/challenging/fun things happened, and my bucket list was almost completed.

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