Friday Favourites

Each Friday I share a handful of things that made my week extra special.

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Life | A Bedtime Cup of Tea

Settling in for the night with my hubby is one of my favourite things to do. He’s tends to be an earlier sleeper than me, though, and so I’ve had to make some adjustments to my bedtime routine. I’m usually such a night owl, and my productivity can spike at 11pm. Awesome and terrible at the same time.

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Review | The Best Tea Thermos

Any loose leaf tea drinkers out there? Me too. I have an entire cupboard dedicated to all things “hot beverage,” and it mainly consists of tea (loose leaf and bagged). Also among the rows and rows of tea sits two trusty thermoses. One for tea and one for tea/coffee. JP laughs because I often point out other thermoses as we stroll through local shops. Because truly, how many thermoses do you need? One for every outfit, I say.

But truly, each one has it’s place  – and I humbly offer up a NEW thermos that is my choice for best in show. It’s new to me but I can already tell this will be a long and steep, I mean deep, friendship. Hardy har har. This is the 9 oz Libre Loose Leaf Tea Glass**. I bought mine at a local farmers market.

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Food | How I Clean Fruit & Veggies

I just returned home from the grocery store, aka the place where I can buy lots and lots of fun things, and not feel bad about it. Food is necessary for survival, don’t cha know. Sometimes I spot a really good deal which makes it even more fun. Like today I found organic naval oranges for .50 cents per pound. A savings of $2.00 per pound! Safe to say I bought a lot of oranges.

Once home, I practice my new ritual – cleaning the fruit that will go into the fruit bowl. I could clean all of my fruit and veggies, and sometimes I do, but today the oranges made this task enough of a pain in the butt chore.

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