Bucket List| November 2014

As I look back on pictures from the last month, it is clear to me that October was an especially full month. It feels like ages ago that I kicked-off October in the local apple orchard with my sister, and friend, Sam. We collected 20 Lbs. of Macintosh apples, which I promptly turned into apple sauce and cider. As the month continued, so many exciting/new/challenging/fun things happened, and my bucket list was almost completed.

As usual, here is a recap for last month, followed by a bucket list for November.

  • go apple picking
  • stand in a wedding, then dance like no one is watching (It was a great day!)
  • take some photos of JP and I with the changing leaves
  • visit a pumpkin patch and carve a pumpkin
  • visit JP’s side of the family
  • celebrate turning 25 (A student said I looked like a teenager…)
  • make pumpkin breakfast cookies (Not yet, but maybe next month!)
  • try to pay off the rest of my student debt this month! (This was a huge accomplishment, and we are thrilled!)
  • watch Mary-Kate and Ashley’s Double, Double Toil and Trouble
  • have a (small) backyard bonfire with s’mores
  • get dressed up for Halloween (I made a pretty good Indiana Jones)
  • BONUS:
    • welcome kitty friend Louis to the family!

November is one of those in-between months, isn’t it? Halloween has passed, and yet we are not quite in full-blown holiday season mode. I say, let’s make the best of last few weeks (days?) without snow, and spend some extra time outside.

November Bucket List 2014

  • go for an early morning walk at the park with a hot drink
  • make pumpkin breakfast cookies
  • trial gingerbread recipes
  • try out a new dinner recipe
  • plan Christmas gifts for family and friends
  • play my violin once a week
  • take a day trip to Toronto
  • go for a car ride at night to look at the lights
  • watch a Christmas movie to start getting into the holiday spirit
  • buy our first Christmas tree, or figure out a space saving alternative

What’s on your bucket list?


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