Life | An Old Sweater & A Blog Break

This sweater is very old, but it’s turning into a bit of an heirloom. My mother knitted it when she was a teenager, and I’ve grown up looking at it, trying it on, wearing it to elementary school and then high school, and I continue to wear it now. Lately, however, the cat seems to have taken to pouncing on me like a woman who has just been reunited with her long lost love, so I have to be careful with it.

Many a sweater have been lost at the hands paws of a cat.

Lou is such a funny cat. In addition to clinging on to me for a snuggle, if I ever bend over by the bathroom sink, he will jump off of it, onto my back, and then lie down. I always wonder where my camera is in these moments, and if I could possibly take a successful picture while bent over. He also loves to play with toys, but for some reason he looses them in the house and I can’t seem to find his secret stash. Hmmmm…

You might have noticed that this past Friday, there wasn’t a Friday Favourites post. This is a big deal for me as I hadn’t missed one since I’ve been blogging again. I have a reason, but I have to warn you that it’s pretty lame. It’s work.

Truth be told, the work isn’t lame at all! I’ve finally started a semi-regular teaching job, and this is a huge step in the right direction for me, career-wise. But as it is for all new teachers, the time it takes to prepare for even one lesson, is huge. All this to say, I haven’t had very much time to sit down and write. So, instead of leaving things be, I have decided that I need to take a proper “blog break” to get myself properly anchored, adjusted, acclimatised…all systems go. You get the idea.

I won’t vanish completely, however! I have a few fun posts in the works, and the Christmas break is coming up. Thank you so much to those who been supporting Canadian Julia and encouraging me to write. I love this space. See you soon!


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