Pregnancy | Maternity Wear for Newbies

Right around week 9 of my pregnancy (going back in time a little bit – I’m 26 weeks now) I felt my usual pants getting a little bit snug. I could still do them up, but sitting in a chair for a long time was uncomfortable. I decided that it wasn’t too early to venture into the world of mama-wear, and though I didn’t know up from down when it came to maternity shopping, I just jumped in. Looking back, my early pregnancy status made me feel like a bit of a newbie, but since then I’ve learned a few things about maternity clothes shopping, and mama-wear in general, if you’re interested:

  • Maternity stores have a foam belly in the change rooms for you to try on under the clothes, to see how it they will look when you’ve grown a bit – these are fun and you should take selfies with them.
  • The sales women at the store like to ask how far along you are, which is sorta fun if you’re newly pregnant, because no one else dares to ask.
  • The clothing sizes are like coffee sizes (small, med or large, etc).
  • Nursing bras are basically the same as maternity bras (with the added clips), and even though they try to talk you out of buying them too early, my personal opinion is that they aren’t a bad investment. If you grow out of them then you replace them as you would a maternity bra, and if you ever return to that size, you can wear them again and conveniently nurse. Win win.
  • Shopping for maternity clothes with a friend or family member is wonderful, especially when they they rescue you with juice boxes when your blood sugar is low. Shopping, amiright?
  • Not every mama blog will tell you the best clothes to buy so don’t take every person’s “must haves” too seriously. I’d stick with friend recommendations first.
  • Black leggings and maternity jeans are awesome, so they should be purchased early on.
  • Long tank tops are da bomb.
  • For work clothes – two good pairs of dress pants and a handful of dresses can take you a long way. Your pre-pregnancy cardigans, jewellery, and shoes can shake up the look from day to day.
  • Borrowing clothes from a new mom can be a wonderful way to save money, and make you feel like you’ve just gone on a shopping spree.
  • Maternity clothes can be expensive but sales happen often and can make stocking up on essentials perfectly reasonable.
  • Your body will teach you what clothes you need so be patient for it to catch up with your evolving style.
  • Finally, you don’t have to buy every staple of clothing you’ll ever need during pregnancy at the same time – you’ll live on a few basics until your next payday. Not to mention you might grow out of some of your early purchases one day soon.

Some of my first clothing purchases are special to me now because I have been watching my body grow and change in them ever since those early weeks. Week by week shirts get a little bit snugger, and they look different on than they did before. Non-maternity clothes are the same; shirts and pants you couldn’t conceive of growing out of, don’t button up. I find it pretty entertaining, and if you let it, it can make you proud too. (We did it body – we conquered another shirt!).

For the curious:

My tank top, jeans (similar), dress pants, and wish list.


2 thoughts on “Pregnancy | Maternity Wear for Newbies

  1. Eee! It can be fun to have an excuse to buy new clothes! Can I venture two more thoughts? Nursing bras have latches on the straps to pull the cups down to allow access for nursing. These, I think, are ESSENTIAL for nursing mammas and should maybe be purchased closer to baby’s due date so they aren’t too small for the enlarged girls that will come after baby is born. (For example…pre-baby I was a 34B, during pregnancy 36C, and right after baby 38DD!) Maternity bras are more supportive and often come in sizes that you can’t find in “normal” lingerie stores (like a 34DD…little band, big boobs) for pregnant mammas whose boobs grow like their bellies but nothing else changes. And secondly, I would also add to always buy maternity clothes looser than your normal clothes, especially in the early months so they will last right until the end (or close to the end). It’s always a bummer to grow outta maternity clothes and have to buy a whole second wardrobe.


    • Buying larger clothing (especially pants) is a good one – I am in that phase now where I need some bigger things. But at the same time, I needed professional and tailored pieces that fit from the beginning until now, and I needed that belly band STAT. lol

      I adjusted my point about the maternity bra vs. nursing bra to include a bit more detail, to explain where I was coming from. My nursing bras are quite flexible and have fit me most of my pregnancy..if I grow more (which I assume I will), then I will get more. I hope to wear the smaller versions later on, say 6 months – 12 months down the road if I am still nursing and if I have returned to my current size. If not, then no loss. The maternity bras would have needed replaced anyways.


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