Beauty | My Everyday Makeup Products (Summer 2015)

Remember when I told you that I purged most of my makeup, and decided what remained needed to fit into this? I haven’t looked back.

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Health | Dabbling in Essential Oils

I have a new hobby, and by extension, a tag line of sorts. It’s, “I’ve got an oil for that!”.

Sun burn? Lavender. Under the weather? On Guard. Sticky mess? Lemon. Headache? Peppermint. Cramps? Clary Calm. Scar? Frankincense. The list goes on! I am so thankful that my closest friends are jumping on the same bandwagon. We all have a strong desire to consume fewer chemicals, to simplify our lives, and to make our homes safe for each other and future generations.

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Haul | iHerb

It’s been months since I’ve let myself back onto the oh-so-temping iHerb website. It seems that every time I visit there is something that calls my name! But, here’s how I rationalise it: I’ve resolved to educate myself on each product that I buy, and hopefully, to buy healthier options more often. Save for a few brands, the local drug stores don’t have many of these.

So. Less trips to Shoppers Drug Mart equals an iHerb* haul here and there. Yay! Plus, you know how I feel about getting things in the mail, right?

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Haul | Petit Vour Natural Beauty Box (September 2014)

My favourite kind of mail arrived! (Remember last month?)

 DSC03168 DSC03174

If you’re new to these un-boxings, once a month I receive a Petit Vour natural beauty box. Each box includes 4-5 personalized, “generously sized” beauty products (Source), and it costs $23 USD per month, for Canadians. I chose Petit Vour because they curate high quality, vegan friendly, natural products. That means, “no animal testing, animal products, parabens, phthalates, formaldehyde, sulfates, and so much more” (Source).

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