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Each Friday I share a handful of things that made my week a little extra special.

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Life |Twenty Five

Today is the day; I’m a quarter of a century old! With each new year comes the opportunity to be reflective and thoughtful, grateful and humbled. And party like it’s 1989! I’m doing all of the above, in addition to eating breakfast out with JP, lunch with my sister (also her birthday), dinner with my whole family, and an evening fun with my closest pals.

My kitty friend, Louis, was my birthday present. 24 years of birthday wishes come true! Though usually when I wished for a pet I pictured a yellow Labrador puppy jumping out of a box with a red bow around his neck. Sorry, Louis! Now I need to think of a new wish.

May you feel the love like I do on this special day! Cheers to 25 years.