Life | 5 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Buying Anything

A thought provoking podcast by Pure Green Magazine, featuring Madeleine Somerville, got me thinking this week. I can break down what I have learned into one sentence: possessions are responsibilities.

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Haul | iHerb

It’s been months since I’ve let myself back onto the oh-so-temping iHerb website. It seems that every time I visit there is something that calls my name! But, here’s how I rationalise it: I’ve resolved to educate myself on each product that I buy, and hopefully, to buy healthier options more often. Save for a few brands, the local drug stores don’t have many of these.

So. Less trips to Shoppers Drug Mart equals an iHerb* haul here and there. Yay! Plus, you know how I feel about getting things in the mail, right?

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