Beauty | My Everyday Makeup Products (Summer 2015)

Remember when I told you that I purged most of my makeup, and decided what remained needed to fit into this? I haven’t looked back.

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Fitness | A Simplified Yoga Bag

There are a lot of things one could put into their yoga/gym bag. Multiple water bottles, fancy rep timers, a towel (or three), a shower kit, hairspray, protein bars, a tin of soup, feminine products, makeup, homework, running shoes, a cell phone charger, iPad, headphones, etc etc. This year, as a part of my New Years resolution to be more active, I decided that I wouldn’t make “getting all of my stuff together”, an excuse for not getting out of the house. I’ve tried to make it easy for myself by simplifying what I take down to the basics.

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Haul | iHerb

It’s been months since I’ve let myself back onto the oh-so-temping iHerb website. It seems that every time I visit there is something that calls my name! But, here’s how I rationalise it: I’ve resolved to educate myself on each product that I buy, and hopefully, to buy healthier options more often. Save for a few brands, the local drug stores don’t have many of these.

So. Less trips to Shoppers Drug Mart equals an iHerb* haul here and there. Yay! Plus, you know how I feel about getting things in the mail, right?

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Food | A Morning Smoothie with Hemp Protein and Gelatin

About three months ago we bought a Vitamix blender, and we haven’t looked back. We use it every chance we get! Even just to show off the soup function which can heat water with friction. That’s our fun party trick, don’t judge.

The biggest change we have experienced since owning our Vitamix is the influx in smoothies we drink, especially in the morning. We used to be cereal people, and we went through litres of milk each week. Now we are smoothie folk, and I figure the money we save in milk makes it really no more expensive. Even if it was more expensive, it would be worth it.

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