Friday Favourites

Each Friday I share a handful of things that made my week a little extra special.

This week the road trip continued, taking us from New Brunswick to Nova Scotia and home again! Halifax’s farmer’s market was tops, and the people there really are as nice as they say.

1. Flowers


{and the perfect garden for an afternoon stroll – with ice cream}

2. The Halifax harbour


{because it was full of history, and what’s better than a sunset cruise boat-on-wheels ride?}

3. Patagonia


{because everything sold here is now on my wish list – including the store dog, Daisy}

4. The Bay of Fundy at low tide


{because even though I got super muddy, I’m going to be able to tell my student’s I’ve been there: #teacherwin. Can you spot me trying to keep my balance?}

5. A glimmer of fall


{because I’m slowly coming around to the idea}

Other things:

Work bag.

Pencil case.

Now, which colour?


Speaking of Patagonia.


3 thoughts on “Friday Favourites

  1. Ah man, now I want that work bag too!! It’s so cute and I love the description “with space for a loaf of bread”. Just to decide on the colour…

    I also might be making that peach cobbler tonight, it just looks too delicious.

    PS: love your photos! Looks like you had a great trip. I’ve never been to Halifax, but it is certainly on my list of places to see.


    • Isn’t it beautiful!!? I haven’t ordered mine yet but I am very tempted. Im thinking the cream colour…what are you leaning towards?

      Did you try the cobbler?? How is it??

      Thank you!! I recommend the Seaport Farmers market on a Saturday morning! It rocks.


      • I’m thinking cream as well, also thinking about the backpack.
        I didn’t, but it did inspire me to make my first peach crisp! I have made apple and berry crisps before, but never peach, which was really delicious (working on the post as we speak). I still really want to try that cobbler though, but I still need to get a mixer.

        I love exploring different Farmers’ markets. Coming home for the weekend, so excited to revisit Covent Garden Market :):)


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