Life | Ten MORE Things You Didn’t Know About Me

Pull up a chair and an ice cold glass of lemonade. Allow me to share some more (hopefully) interesting facts about myself so that you longtime friends, and brand spankin’ new ones, might know a bit more about me, the girl behind the blog.

You can read the first 10, here.

Number 11: Sing a current popular song and theres a possibility I will know it. Sing a Disney song and I will absolutely sing it with you, to completion. And then I’ll request we sing another one.

Number 12: I play the violin and have also dabbled with cello, alto saxophone, and piano.

Number 13: If I could be good at any sport I’d like it to be either soccer (because it’s a great social sport), swimming (because it’s an awesome workout), or gymnastics (because I could surprise people with sweet tricks).

Number 14: I always try to see the best in people.

Number 15: I’ve got a case of wanderlust. If I had a mobile job, I think I’d like to get in a VW van and drive across the world learning about people, cultures, food, and myself.

Number 16: I have never broken a bone – though possibly my toe, in a skating incident, C. 1997.

Number 17: I met my husband when I was 18 years old – we got married when I was 24.

Number 18: I studied to be an actress during University, but I changed my focus after a year or two. I completed my Theatre degree and went to Teachers College.

Number 19: I love to go camping, but possibly even more than that, I like to pack for camping. And other trips. ORGANIZATIONN.

Number 20: Nobody loves pasta with blush sauce as much as me. Ok, maybe my sister, but I got her onto it.

I’d love to know more about you, so tell me something about yourself! Do we have anything in common? Number 11, anybody?


2 thoughts on “Life | Ten MORE Things You Didn’t Know About Me

  1. Pretty sure number 11 is why we are best friends! You are going to have to get more intimate with your fun facts to surprise me!!!


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