Review | MacAusland’s Woolen Mills

I’ve decided: Canadian goods are awesome, and they’re worth hunting for. Case and point: MacAusland’s Woolen Mills, of Prince Edward Island. They make beautiful, soft, affordable wool blankets and yarn the old fashioned way, and they make you wonder why you ever forked out $50+ for a subpar blanket, when you could have been filling your home/cottage/car with these beauties.


I found MacAusland’s because I was in the market for a beautiful blanket for our bed. The one I wanted (and have been wanting for a year or more), cost way more than I wanted to spend. It was made in the USA, and with the exchange rate right now…well, I just couldn’t manage it. Bummer. But then I did what I should have done months ago, I Googled: Quality blankets from Canada. Low and behold I found some great options, but these guys won me over with their quality and affordability. Prices range from $56-105, depending on the size of your blanket.


MacAusland’s website doesn’t allow for online shopping, but there is a toll free number which connects you with their store. The woman I spoke with was very helpful, and we chatted at length about the trials of choosing a colour for your blanket. I debated long and hard between taupe, light grey, dark grey, and blue heather. I settled on a queen size blanket in taupe. I will be ordering more in the future. I’m think of a green and blue lap blanket for the car, and maybe another queen size for the (future) guest room. Ohhh the possibilities!


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