Canadian | Hatchet Made

You might not believe me, but I bought a small pouch to hold all of my makeup, on purpose.

DSC03683 I didn’t see this adorable bag on Etsy and think, “It should fit!”.  I knew it would because I had decided to purge everything that didn’t. Ok, I wasn’t quite that harsh. I still have a few fancy lipsticks (like the one I wore on my wedding day), an extra blush or two, and lip balms-a-plenty, all stowed away somewhere. I let go of the rest. I sold everything that was of higher quality to friends and family at a serious discount, and gave away the rest. I bought a few new items (stay tuned) with the money I made, and seriously, it all fits! Now I can get make-up ready in 5 minutes flat, packing is a cinch, and I’m grateful that what I had is not going to waste. DSC03684 While on the hunt for a small vessel to hold what remained, I found Etsy seller Hatchet Made, from Hamilton Ontario. It’s been two months since I purchased my first pouch and I’m still extremely happy with my purchase. I recently bought a larger version (like this one) for my travel body products (it stays in my yoga bag most of the time). Stay tuned to see what products made the cut.


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