Haul | RMS Beauty & The Detox Market

Whats this? A list of links to different websites where a Canadian can buy RMS Living Luminizer? Why do you have this in your iPhone notes, Julia?

Because I have a problem. Correction – had a problem. RMS products aren’t exactly a hop skip and a jump away from my home. I can’t go to Sephora – they don’t carry them. I can’t go to my local J.Crew – there isn’t one. And online shopping can be such a drag. Why make an already expensive product, even more expensive with $20 shipping?!

For those who don’t know, RMS Living Luminizer is a very talked about, much sought after, highlight. This product, and the rest of the RMS line, combine the best of two worlds: beauty products that are good, and beauty products that are good for you. And I seriosuly had a list of all of the places where I could order it. I’d never tried it, but I was hopeful!

So, who did I choose to order from?


The Detox Market out of Toronto Ontario. Depending on how much you order ($100+), shipping within Canada is free. I placed my order during a sale, so that was a BONUS! Follow them through email to hear about sales.


In addition to the RMS Living Luminizer I also ordered RMS “un”cover up in shade 00, and RMS tinted “un” powder in shade 0-1. I received a free sample of Odacite toner as well.


I have been thoroughly enjoying all of the products for the past few months. But after all of this fuss, I’ve relaxed a lot on the Living Luminizer front. I need to powder it and use a gentle hand so I don’t look too dewy. I’m slowly learning why it earned its reputation, but it wasn’t love at first application like I thought it would be. In other news, Lou the kitty doesn’t care a bit.


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