Monday Favourites

In leu of many many Friday Favourites posts that I have missed over the last couple of months (eeek, sorry!!!), I am back, stretching my blogging muscles, with a Monday Favourites post. I just can’t wait until Friday!

I have missed this space and I do believe it is time to return to my usual blogging schedule. It feels right, to quote some confident penguins. What do you guys think about a Youtube channel to go with it? Let me know in the comments what you’d like to see/hear/watch.

1. A new lens


{because it takes such crisp close up pictures}

2. Rose of Sharon bushes


{blooming in white and pink, making everything so darn pretty}

3. Shiny rings


{because I just got them cleaned for the first time in a year…}

4. A heat wave


{because ohhh baby, it sure beats winter}

5. This guy


{and the ways that he inspires me to be better}

Other things:

Have you discovered this podcast yet?


Favourite French-made glasses.

Live and volunteer on an organic farm.

Canadian blankets.


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