Health | Dabbling in Essential Oils

I have a new hobby, and by extension, a tag line of sorts. It’s, “I’ve got an oil for that!”.

Sun burn? Lavender. Under the weather? On Guard. Sticky mess? Lemon. Headache? Peppermint. Cramps? Clary Calm. Scar? Frankincense. The list goes on! I am so thankful that my closest friends are jumping on the same bandwagon. We all have a strong desire to consume fewer chemicals, to simplify our lives, and to make our homes safe for each other and future generations.

DSC03540 DSC03543

I’m only starting to dabble in the world of essential oils, but I am embracing the challenge of replacing everyday products. So far I have replaced my cleaning products, most of my medicine cabinet, and a few bathroom items (like this one).

For the curious, my current favourites are oregano, lemon, lavender, peppermint, elevation, and whisper (the last two are dōTERRA specific blends). This post features the Home Essentials Kit (minus the diffuser), fractionated coconut oil, a clary calm roller ball, and on guard dish soap concentrate.

What are your favourite oils, and how do you use them?


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