Fitness | A Simplified Yoga Bag

There are a lot of things one could put into their yoga/gym bag. Multiple water bottles, fancy rep timers, a towel (or three), a shower kit, hairspray, protein bars, a tin of soup, feminine products, makeup, homework, running shoes, a cell phone charger, iPad, headphones, etc etc. This year, as a part of my New Years resolution to be more active, I decided that I wouldn’t make “getting all of my stuff together”, an excuse for not getting out of the house. I’ve tried to make it easy for myself by simplifying what I take down to the basics.

Optional additions:

  • a small bath towel, if you plan on showering there
  • a change of clothes
  • deodorant
  • yoga paws
  • a piece of fruit
  • fragrance
  • SPF

Other thoughts on the subject:

Carry on, work bag, gym bag.

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