Life | A Snow Day & A Happy New Year

Oh, hello again!

Did you wonder if you would see me again, friends? I had, perhaps, a longer break than anticipated, but time to sift through life and work and thoughts and more thoughts was much needed. And appreciated.

Thank you for coming back to hear from me, once again.

This new year has gotten off to a great, albeit jolty, start. It’s only January 7th and I’m on my second snow day. You don’t see me complain’. This afternoon I am venturing out into the snow in search of hot, overpriced coffee, just for the adventure. Unpredictable snow days won’t ever loose their magic on me. Everything I do feels like a gift with purchase, holiday bonus, last item on the 50%  rack that fits perfectly, secret stash of chocolate.

There is nothing getting between me and my snow day. No sir.

This year we rang in New Years with JP’s sister, brother in law and the family dog.  It was fabulous, but hella simple. We paused the movie we were watching at 11:59, counted down from 10, kissed when the clock struck 12 (the dog got a kiss too), and then pushed play on our movie. It was the first New Years we rang in as a married couple, but wouldn’t you know it it, I didn’t realize that until just now. Huh. Maybe I should had tossed some confetti. Insert imaginary belated confetti tossing.

I haven’t sat down to set some goals yet, but I want to. I’m in the school of people that doesn’t feel bad if I don’t accomplish my goals, because I say, if you set your sights on good things, you’ll move towards good things. Even if it’s not always what you pictured. They’ll probably include, do more yoga, find a good routine (& stick to it), give more, write more, sleep more, and complain less. More or less.

I wish you all a very happy New Year, and hope the chance for new beginnings (or frequent snow days) gives you the inspiration to do great things this year. And maybe, if you would, return here again on Friday for another post. I’m working on the routine thing already, and you know how awesome accountability partners are. Pre-tty effective. 


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