Haul | Recently Thrifted

A couple of years ago, I discovered my affinity and affection for thrifting. The discovery coincided with my engagement to JP; getting married meant a new home, and a new home meant I could finally buy home goods. I found myself occasionally strolling into Talize, Value Village, or The Salvation Army, and I discovered that there is great stuff to be found! After a few very successful thrifting trips, I was hooked.

I don’t thrift all the time, because I don’t want to fill my home with too much clutter. But the occasional trip has proven to be a cost effective way to decorate my home and wardrobe. My strategy is to combine thrifted items (like plates, mugs, vases, picture frames, cooking utensils, sweaters, jeans, and dresses) with new, quality pieces (like major furniture, linens, paper products, pots and pans, tank tops, basic t-shirts, and undergarments).

This week I went shopping and thought I would share my (mini) haul, in the hopes that it might inspire you to add some thrifted items to your collection. It’s a cost effective, environmentally friendly way to shop.

DSC03148 DSC03149

{a gold plated bracelet $3.99 – I’ve been wanting one for ages, but the one I want most is really expensive. With a little buffing and cleaning, this one will be really nice. If I wear it often, I can rationalise spending more on a better one.}


{a new plate $.99 – I mentioned in my last Friday Favourites that this plate was quite the find. Each time I go looking to add to our collection, I seem to stumble upon another one!}


{a pretty blue pashmina $3.99 – I have way too many scarves, but for this price I couldn’t say no. It’s so soft, and I find these plain pashminas wash and wear really well.}

What is your favourite thrifted item? Mine, is a beautiful pottery bowl that I found for $5.99. It’s great for serving up a side dish, chips, popcorn, or mixing small quantites.


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