Life | Waiting for Birthdays

As my birthday comes around each year, I anxiously await all of the fun to be had. I might even count down the days, if I’m feeling especially excited. But it’s only when you’re sitting in a waiting room, knitting in hand (of course), excitedly awaiting the birth of a best friend’s little one, that you realise the significance of new life, and legit birthdays. A birthday is no small deal.

The idea of a first breath is seriously cool. And we all had one, but I think people forget how uncertain everything is before they happen. How many hours will it take for you to arrive, will you and your momma be okay? Is all going well in that delivery room?  The tension and excitement! Your birthday, little one, is no small deal.

  DSC03001 DSC02996

How many snacks should we pack for the waiting room, we all wondered? For the record, we all packed way too much–you were so punctual! Way to make your birthday comfortable for everyone. Your story is like your proud Uncle JP’s, which is, “I was born on my due date!” He loves that fact, and I’m sure he will share it with you many times during your youth. He was also the first of our friends to hold you, and he will probably bring that up too! Your birthday is no small deal.

DSC03056 DSC03031

This was the day so many people waited for, Judah. We wanted to meet you and see how you were doing, how you looked and how your parents looked in light of your arrival. They wanted to hold you and spend time with you, hear your cries and count your toes. Your birthday is no small deal.

My final thought on the subject: cake and ice cream don’t cut it to celebrate YOU, and don’t forget it. Countdown to the day, like we did.


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