Life | Time Well Spent

I like to savour my afternoons off. Like the salted sugar topping Starbucks put on my hot chocolate the other day, they don’t last very long, and they’re few and far between. But if it isn’t the best moment when you get a taste of them. This particular afternoon has to be up there for one of the best I’ve had lately. Mostly unplanned but fiercely perfect.

I spent it on a partially caved in burgundy bench at Starbucks, C and S across from me. C very pregnant and beautiful, S her usual perky and joyful self. There was knitting to be done and bible studies to pretend to do. Flip a page, flip a page…what was I doing again?

Six drinks between us (mostly free), and a few hours later, we had solved many of the world’s problems, talked about our youth, made most of a hat and some of a scarf, complained about sugar rushes and big bellies, sent a lot of emails (or should have…S?), all while feeling very blessed. And of course, the setting sun was beaming through the windows, as it does when you don’t ask it to.

Soon enough, afternoons with C and S will look a bit different.  A new life will enter our club, if it knows the secret password. You don’t know it yet, little one, but your mamma and her friends know how to spend an afternoon.


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