Beauty | Skincare Organization (Fall 2014)

I love seeing the inner corners of other people’s makeup and skincare storage, for want of inspiration. (I know I’m not the only one). There’s something about how people keep organized that intrigues me, and makes me excited to go and do the same.

Today I’m sharing my skincare organization in all of its current glory. I have a system (for the first time ever), and simple as it is, it might appeal to anyone living in a small space. (Hello University, College, dorm and apartment dwellers). I have to keep a minimalist approach because of our space, but it’s for the best because I’m not overwhelmed or buying what I don’t need. I have what I use everyday, or week.

We have an IKEA storage unit that sits above the toilet which provides a wee bit of usable storage space, and it houses my makeup, skincare, and a few other beauty tools. I think it’s a brilliant unit – if you can’t find floor space, build up.

 DSC02403 DSC02407

My skincare is housed in a clear acrylic container (sans lid), also IKEA. It came as part of a set of 5 and I use the long container in the set to hold my cotton pads. I also like to take the labels off of most of the products so that they look less “busy”. But only when I am sure the label will come off because “sticky mess” is much worse. My set up is simple as you can see, but I really like it. I can see everything, and nothing is wasted.

Here’s a close up of what I keep inside of the container (a few hair bits are thrown in):

DSC02408From L to R: George’s Aloe Vera Spray (iHerb)*, Thayers Rose Petal Witch Hazel (iHerb)*, Bioderma Micellar Water (Tip: I always buy mine when it’s on sale at Shoppers Drug Mart – 250mL for $15 is the most I pay), decanted Tresemme Thermal Creation Heat Tamer, Diva Wash (iHerb)*, and Phyto 7 (Sephora).


From L to R: Live Clean face wipes (Target), Blissoma Fresh face wash (Nuciya), Blissoma Awake day cream (Nuciya), Blissoma Peace night cream (Nuciya), a sample face wash I’m trying out, a sample Laurel eye balm (Nuciya), and a canvas bag for any doodads.

That’s it for now! Pretty simple – and that’s the way I like it! I hope you enjoyed having a peek into my skincare organization, and let me know if you found something particularly helpful.

How do you organize your skincare? Share with us in the comments below!

Disclaimer: I am not being paid or endorsed. All opinions are my own.

* A note about iHerb: Use coupon code BTV377 for $5-10 off of your first order. I receive a small percentage of the purchase price. Thank you for your support! You will receive a coupon code of your own after ordering.


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