Life | Ten Things You Didn’t Know About Me

Maybe we’ve been friends for a long time, or perhaps this is your first visit to my humble blog, but either way — thank you for reading and sharing this space with me!

I like to imagine we are all life long friends sitting down at an old table, sharing a cup of tea and some sandwiches (and scones and cake, if I’m really being honest).

Maybe one day! But for now, I thought I would share some (hopefully) interesting facts about myself so that you longtime friends, and brand spankin’ new ones, might know a bit more about me, the girl behind the blog.

Number 1: My love languages are an even split between quality time, words of affirmation, and acts of service. No pressure. I think this can change as we evolve and grow. What are yours?

Number 2: I have the same birthday as my younger sister. It’s on October 30th. We loved sharing the day as kids, and we still do. I always asked for vanilla cake and she asked for chocolate.

Number 3: I really want to get a pet – either a dog or a cat. Or a horse, but I know very little about horses, and I live in an apartment.

Number 4: I am a qualified elementary school teacher, and I’ve been teaching for approximately 3 years.

Number 5: I can do the worm, the splits, and a kick-butt round off.

Number 6: I can speak (a little bit of) sign language. I have worked with children with special needs for many years, and I took two years of ASL in university.

Number 7: I have a love/hate relationship with exercise. My favourite ways to break a sweat are yoga, cycling, and hiking, but I don’t do any of them often enough. I’m hoping to change that habit.

Number 8: I lived in Scotland for a year during Teachers College because my grandmother was Scottish and I wanted to see where she lived and grew up. I randomly got to teach at a school up the road from her childhood home.

Number 9: I once cooked for 350 people, 3 times a day, for 2 months.

Number 10: I am a natural blonde but I have dyed my hair platinum blonde, red, dark brown, and accidentally…brassy yellow (don’t use box dyes when you go blonde).

There you have it! Maybe you learned something new, or maybe you were nodding your head yes, because you knew some of this already (Number 5, right?).


3 thoughts on “Life | Ten Things You Didn’t Know About Me

  1. Hello Julia, I enjoy reading you blog and yes I was aware of some of the items on your list, but of course I remember celebrating your 2nd birthday the evening before your day as your mom was waiting to give birth to Sarah at any moment. And it did happen that I got a call late that night to come and stay with you. Sarah was born on the same date as your birthdate and so later we went into the hospital together to see your mom and dad and your brand new baby sister. It was fun!
    There are other things too, but I won’t go into details.
    Thanks for sharing!
    Love, Aunt Esther.


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