Friday Favourites

Each Friday I share a handful of things that made my week extra special.

1. Butternut squash soup


{which brought cloves back into my life and made me very happy}

2. Mornings with the best kind of friends


{who give and take and teach and love}

3. My new, homemade planner


{for keeping my days straight while being subtle and pretty}

4. Breakfast with JP


{because it means we had the morning off, just him and I, sans work}

5. A new and improved mason jar (with a straw!)


{for morning smoothies on the go}

Other things:

To carry all of my things.

A surprisingly satisfying sound.

Now this is what I call a tea calendar.

Canadian and super cute. (Students, teachers, and nurses get 20% off)

JP thinks I don’t need another one.

Dedicated to my sister in law, Michelle.


3 thoughts on “Friday Favourites

    • I got this jar from Chapters Indigo, and it was a lot cheaper than the ones online with shipping.

      For the smoothie, each day is different but usually, water, spinach or kale (costco!), banana, frozen mango, an orange, plain yogurt, a scoop of hemp protein powder, and Great Lakes Gelatin. I’ll do a post on it soon 🙂


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