Projects | DIY Moleskine Planner

As a student one of my favourite things to do, come September, was fill in my planner. I could spend a few hours happily writing in friend’s birthdays, national holidays and family celebrations. Then came the course syllabuses, and more dates to neatly include. You bet your bottom dollar, I’d be home right after class writing down dates!

Now don’t let my freakish aptitude for planner organization fool you. My execution of the events that had been neatly written down in September, sometimes fell by the wayside come June November. No matter, this post is about the planners, and what better time to talk about them than September?

School started this week, and even though I’m a teacher now, I still need a planner. Unfortunately I was faced with a dilemma last week when I couldn’t find the right planner. I wouldn’t say I’m too picky, but none of the bookstore planners were quite doing it for me. Either they were too big, too small, too expensive, or they started in January 2015. Then while Googling beautiful Kate Spade planners, I saw this. A homemade Moleskine planner, dubbed “Planner Hack”. The idea was simple but really perfect – it combined my desires for a slim, inexpensive and practical planner, that I can make my own.


I bought this one, a Moleskine Ruled Notebook (extra-large, soft cover, in the colour Khaki Beige). And the rest, as they say, was history a really fun morning organizing my planner. (A few specifics: each day has 10 lines, the date portion was indented 1 inch, and Saturday and Sunday are each 2.5 inches across).


If you decide to make one too, let me know! I’d love to see pictures.

Side note: My iPhone’s calendar is amazing and I will still use it everyday. JP and I love that it can sync our events. There is just something special about seeing it written down.


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