Review | The Best Tea Thermos

Any loose leaf tea drinkers out there? Me too. I have an entire cupboard dedicated to all things “hot beverage,” and it mainly consists of tea (loose leaf and bagged). Also among the rows and rows of tea sits two trusty thermoses. One for tea and one for tea/coffee. JP laughs because I often point out other thermoses as we stroll through local shops. Because truly, how many thermoses do you need? One for every outfit, I say.

But truly, each one has it’s place  – and I humbly offer up a NEW thermos that is my choice for best in show. It’s new to me but I can already tell this will be a long and steep, I mean deep, friendship. Hardy har har. This is the 9 oz Libre Loose Leaf Tea Glass**. I bought mine at a local farmers market.


The Libre website put’s it best: “Beautiful convenience for loose leaf tea on the go.” It is all of these things, and it fits a gaping hole (too dramatic?) in my thermos collection – easy steeping on the go. And before you ask, “But Julia, you have a thermos with a filter that steeps!” Yes I do, but I can’t drink out of it while on the go until the leaves are removed.

DSC02449 DSC02448

This thermos has three parts: a twist on lid which fits directly onto the glass or onto a removable stainless steel filter. Lastly there is a thermal bottle with hi-temp glass interior. All BPA free. There are two primary ways to steep your tea with the LLLTG. (See we are friends already, I’ve given it a nickname!).


Option #1: Place your loose leaf*/tea bag into the bottle, pour in your water, cover with the stainless steel filter, and drink on the go. This method is best for teas that can steep for a long time, tea bags, or when you don’t have the space to steep your tea upside down and drink directly from the bottle (like in the car).

DSC02460 DSC02457

Option #2 (My favourite): Fill the bottle with hot water and then place loose leaf tea* onto the filter. Screw the lid on tightly and flip the thermos so the hot water can steep the tea. To drink, simply remove the lid and removable filter together, and drink out of the bottle. This method is my favourite because you can steep your tea for the proper amount of time and you don’t have to flip the bottle until you are ready to steep. You can also steep the tea leaves more than one time if you choose to! The downside to this method that it can be tricky to drink in the car. Here it is in action:

DSC02463 DSC02464 DSC02465

And if you were wondering, the bottle does get warm but not too hot. Here I am holding it after just steeping the tea.


The right thermos, is like the right man. Once you find a keeper, you stop looking for a new one. My husband will be glad to hear that I’m done looking.

* Tea is David’s Tea Currant Affair.

** I am not being paid or endorsed. All opinions are my own.


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