Friday Favourites

Each Friday I share a handful of things that made my week a little extra special.

1. Homemade elderberry syrup


{a new to me, natural cold and flu fighter}

2. Organization


{and Costco for supplying us with a plethora of slim black hangers – once we paid for them, of course}

3. Our wedding photos


{and the guy whom I married one month ago, this week}

4. New Instagram photo magnets


{for adding colour to our kitchen and constantly reminding me of great times}

5. This bike


{for waiting so patiently for me to find time to ride, already}

Other things:

Almost bought this. Resisted. Regretting.

Intrigued and researching.

A little indulgence, for the last few weeks of summer. *Tear*

These are from Target!? Yes, please.

Excited for fall now. And hallelujah, now!


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