Food | How I Clean Fruit & Veggies

I just returned home from the grocery store, aka the place where I can buy lots and lots of fun things, and not feel bad about it. Food is necessary for survival, don’t cha know. Sometimes I spot a really good deal which makes it even more fun. Like today I found organic naval oranges for .50 cents per pound. A savings of $2.00 per pound! Safe to say I bought a lot of oranges.

Once home, I practice my new ritual – cleaning the fruit that will go into the fruit bowl. I could clean all of my fruit and veggies, and sometimes I do, but today the oranges made this task enough of a pain in the butt chore.

Cleaning your fruit and veggies ahead of time makes packing lunches, and snacks on the go, a whole lot easier. Here’s what I do:

Julia’s Method to Cleaner Fruit & Veggies

Disclaimer – I wouldn’t use this method for delicate fruit like berries. If you know of a good way to clean berries, let me know!

You will need:

  • fruit and veggies (Today I’m cleaning apples and oranges)
  • a sink
  • 1 cup white vinegar
  • 1/2 sink-full of warm water
  • a scrub brush (optional) – I use this one.


  • Fill your sink half way with warm water and add 1 cup of vinegar.
  • Add your fruit.
  • Let soak for 10 minutes.
  • Scrub the fruit to remove excess dirt.
  • Place on a towel to dry.

DSC02419 DSC02421

 DSC02422 DSC02425


That’s all there is to it! Let me know if you’re interested in a grocery store haul.


2 thoughts on “Food | How I Clean Fruit & Veggies

  1. I use a salad spinner for berries. Vinegar, warm water and often a tiny drop of dish soap. Then I give it a gentle bit of agitation (without the lid), let it sit for 10 or so and then another bit of gentle agitation. And don’t forget to rinse if you put soap in 🙂


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