Haul | Natural Skincare (Feat. NUCIYA and Blissoma)

I’m somewhat of a beauty product and skincare junkie. Not to say that my bathroom is stocked, because it’s not. (I appreciate simplicity and minimalism just as much). But I do love reading, and learning about new products. I’ve watched youtube videos on the subject for about three years (Sup – Ecoholic Beauty, Mama Natural, MakupTIA, etc.) but more recently I’ve been committed to consuming less, and consuming quality.

Inspired by the ladies above, I have decided that natural is the way to go when it comes to my makeup and skincare. But most brands include harsh ingredients in their products, which makes shopping a difficult process. Nevertheless I want to vote for genuinely natural products to become the standard, so I put my money where those products are.

Enter NUCIYA, a Canadian distributor of safe beauty and skincare products (tried and tested!). Their goal is to make safe products accessible, so if you’re not Canadian, they offer affordable worldwide shipping. I found them through Jess of Ecoholic Beauty.

My order came in the mail today after only 4 business days and I couldn’t wait to share it. You’ll quickly see that I had a particular brand in mind when placing this order. When I opened the box I was greeted with a thank-you letter that was addressed to me, by name. Very impressive. Under it was lovely lavender tissue paper.

IMG_1419 IMG_1420

IMG_1423 IMG_1424

When I placed my order, NUCIYA was having a grand opening sale which meant all orders $75 + included a free gift. When I opened the box I could see they had thrown in another extra for good measure! Yay! The free gift included was a full-size package of Juicy Bamboo Facial Wipes, and the extra was a small sample of Laurel Eye Balm which helps reduce puffiness, inflammation, fluid retention, and dark circles.

IMG_1430 IMG_1426

As for what I ordered, you may have already guessed – Blissoma skincare! Now available in Canada through NUCIYA with free shipping (when order $65+). Woo hoo! Pure, gentle and natural, I have heard raving reviews about this product line. (Ahem, Jess). It is 100% natural, and it contains botanical recipes with antioxidants, vitamins, and firming herbs. It also smells like a yoga class, in the best way possible.

IMG_1428 IMG_1431

I chose the mild rice face wash, awake morning firming facial cream, and peace evening calming cream for normal/combo skin. Look out for my thoughts and perhaps a skin care routine if requested?? Don’t be shy – let me know what you want to see here. Mi casa es su casa.


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